Picnic Parlour atx partners with Mossberg Fine Foods to offer catering as an option for your picnic! Mariana, owner and chef, has curated a menu for each of our signature picnics; Texas Peach, Joshua Tree, Morocco, and Hamptons.

Each meal pairs perfectly with its themed picnic, and will transcend you into an even more immersive experience. 


*Menu selections must be ordered at least 72 hours before your reservations* 

Items will be delivered and can be plated on dinnerware. 



Hummus & pickles 

Falafel + tzatziki

Chicken Curry Wrap

Curry Candied Popcorn

Mini Baklava bites

2: $80

4: $106

6: $132


Joshua Tree:

Edamame Guacamole

Tuna Tartare

Open faced turkey sandwich, miso slaw, bacon jam

Kouign amann (puff pastry, cinnamon, sugar)

Pear Pop tart, ginger glaze, matcha

2: $102

4: $120

6: $140


Spinach, blue cheese, apple, bacon, truffle honey dressing

Smoked Salmon mousse w/blinis

Lobster Roll

Brigadeiro (chocolate truffles)

Apple pie

2: $112

4: $146

6: $180

Texas Peach:

Burrata – fig bread and roasted butternut squash

Truffles deviled eggs 

Apple Brie prosciutto sandwich

Cheddar Goujere w/bacon Jam

Pain Au Chocolate

2: $108

4: $130

6: $150


Shrimp Cocktail

Cobb Salad

Roast Beef sandwich, horseradish aioli 

Chocolate truffles 

Crème Brulee with candied nut

 2 people: $110

A La Carte

Large Quiche: (feeds 6)$30

Small Quiche (individual) $10

any flavor (seasonal veggie, caramelized onion, lorraine)

Chicken pate:with baguette toast and honey

2-4: $22

4-6: $42


Liverwurst:with baguette toast and honey,pickled mustard seeds and cornichons

2-4: $30

4-6: $54

Mossberg Fine Foods